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  • Lightly wipe your jewellery with a jewellery cloth to remove unwanted chemicals from the surface and return the shine to your pieces.

  • To increase longevity, store in a pouch or jewellery box in a dry place away from high moisture rooms such as bathrooms.
  • Luisa Luxe jewellery can be worn in the shower however we recommend not to wear if possible and not to wear in salt water or chlorine for longevity. Wearing in these environments may shorten the length of your jewellery’s life. If you do wear it in these environments, make sure to wash it off with fresh water, dry and store safely.
  • Avoid lotions or perfumes being applied to jewellery for longevity. 
  • Avoid abrasive materials rubbing against the jewellery. 
  • 18k gold plated stainless steel jewellery is designed to last longer than cheaper low quality jewellery. Please remember that all metals will naturally start to oxidise over time and this is out of our control. This period of time can be sped up if jewellery is not cared for, properly stored or comes in contact with chemicals. 
  • Use your own discretion when deciding whether to wear a piece of jewellery daily, even if it is made of materials suitable for daily wear. Dependent on lifestyle or activity, some pieces may be delicate or fragile and should not be worn daily to prevent damage. Unfortunately, we cannot replace jewellery if it has been damaged or broken due to wear. If damaged or unsecure, do not wear until you can repair or replace the jewellery, please understand that lost jewellery will not be replaced or refunded if under warranty.
  • All huggie posts have the potential to bend or move through wear, transport or damage. This is not a fault in the jewellery and may require slight regular adjustment over time to keep them secure. Please access our social media videos to see how to adjust them to return to their original state. 
  • For Returns, Exchanges, Faults or Warranty information, please see our Returns page - Returns Policy (